Why Do Apple Seeds Grow Different Apples?

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It is possible to grow an apple tree from an apple seed, but in most cases, trees don’t come true. For example, a seed taken from a Red Delicious apple might produce a tree that produces pears or perhaps nothing at all. 

Why Do Apple Seeds Grow Different Apples? This is because different types of apples require specific conditions for growth and there are no red delicious trees that can be as productive as the type of red delicious apple seeds can sprout.

Why Do Apple Seeds Grow Different Apples?
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Can Apple Seeds Become Apple Trees?

Apple seeds can be planted into apple trees, and they can also bear apples. The details are as follows:

Apple seeds can be planted into apple trees, but the apple trees grown from apple seeds are seedlings. Which are characterized by late fruiting, poor fruit taste, and smaller fruit. To put it simply, it is an apple tree grown from apple seeds.

The apples produced are different from the apples that were eaten at the beginning, and the phenomenon of degradation will occur. Moreover, apple trees planted from apple seeds generally take more than 5 years to bear fruit.

So when planting, you need to choose a larger flower pot, and then properly water and fertilize, and properly maintain it before you can bear apples. 

How to Grow Apple Seeds?

  • Remove the apple seeds and wash the seeds for later use.
  • Prepare a small iron or plastic box
  • lay a paper towel under the box
  • put the washed apple seeds on the paper towel
  • Cover the apple seeds with another paper towel.
  • Wet the paper towel with water, being careful not to get too wet, as the paper towel will cause the seeds to rot.

After completing the above operations, put the box in a cool place and wait for the apple seeds to sprout. If the temperature is high, the apple seeds will generally germinate in about 2-3 days.

Germinated seeds can be transplanted into pots for soil cultivation, and leaves will appear in a few days. Move the pot to the window to let the apple seedlings get enough sunlight, and the seedlings will grow.

The apple tree is an easy-to-grow tree. It is therefore possible to go from apple seed to harvesting fruit, provided you arm yourself with a little patience.

This playful culture will certainly appeal to children who will appreciate seeing their apple trees grow in pots on the terrace, the balcony, or in the ground.

Sliced Apple with seeds
Image by TatsianaVusava from Pixabay

Grow an Apple Tree With Apple Seeds

The apple seed needs to stay in a humid and cold environment to germinate. It is, therefore, necessary to go through stratification (to soften the seed) which will aim to:

  • To alter the seed coat of each pip. It is a tissue made up of cells. Its role is to protect the apple embryo and its reserves. Thus softened, the teguments will no longer be watertight or airtight.
  • To bring apple seeds out of their dormancy thanks to a humid and cold environment.
  • To promote seed germination.

1.Dry the Apple Seeds

Before moving on to planting, you must start by drying the apple seeds. To do this :

  • Remove the pips from the flesh of the fruit.
  • Choose seeds of different varieties.
  • Rinse the pips in cold water.
  • Drain them.
  • Dry them with a towel.
  • Place the apple seeds in a breathable cloth.
  • Store them in a room where the temperature does not exceed 15°C for 2 or 3 days.
  • Stir them from time to time and make sure they are not attacked by insects.

2.Put the Seeds in Germination

Once softened, the seeds can move on to the germination phase:

  • Prepare a container containing wet sand.
  • Lay out several layers of seeds on the sand.
  • Cover lightly with damp sand.
  • Place the bin in a cool place for 2 or 3 months.

3. Transplant the Sprouted Apple Seeds

In the spring, the apple seeds have started to germinate, they must be transplanted, namely:

  • Mix potting soil with garden soil.
  • Fill jars with them.
  • Put some sprouts on it.
  • Maintain moderate humidity.
  • Wait a year and transplant the seedlings to the desired location.

How Is a New Apple Variety Created?

Developing a new apple variety takes a lot of work. Our cultivated apple varieties are normally propagated vegetatively. This means that branches are taken from selected trees and grafted (grafted) onto another tree.

In this way, the apple variety is propagated, and young trees can always be grafted. If you took the seeds from this apple variety and grew a tree from them, then this tree would yield roughly the same fruit as the mother tree. But the tree would in most cases be weak, susceptible to disease or cancer, or grow too fast or too slow.

That is why every apple tree is built on a base, ie an apple tree of a different variety, and grafted in the tree nursery. it then consists of two or sometimes three parts. It is possible to “two” several varieties on one tree.

Crossing Apple Varieties

To create a truly new strain, you cross different strains with each other. To do this, you have to pollinate apple blossoms of one variety with the pollen of another variety.

It is not enough to simply put foreign pollen on the blossoms of a tree. You also have to prevent the flowers from still being fertilized with pollen from the same tree.

From this flower grows an apple that looks exactly like the apples on the mother tree. But its cores carry the hereditary traits of the crossed variety.

These nuclei are then stored in a suitable manner ( conditioned) and sown in spring. The young trees are monitored and pre-selected as soon as possible.

If they are susceptible to powdery mildew or other diseases, they are eradicated. As soon as the trees are big enough, branches are taken and grafted onto a slow-growing rootstock.

About 5 years after the crossing, the first apples of the new variety can now be expected. Most apples from such a cross are edible.

But only one in 1,000 or even 10,000 such crossing experiments will result in a new variety that is so much better than its original variety that it is worth breeding further. It takes 10 or even 15 years for a new variety to spread and come onto the market.

Accidental Finds, Mutations

Sometimes nature does the work for us. A fruit grower discovers a tree with a new apple variety that appears to have grown by itself and differs significantly from its “parents”. That happened, for example, at the Golden Delicious or at EFA Bleacher. 

How to grow apple seeds in small pots

Just like raising ordinary flowers, get a flowerpot and put the organic matter on it, and pay attention to the temperature and humidity.

How to Make Apple and Melon Seeds Germinate Quickly?

Soak the seeds with water at 20℃~30℃ before germination to make the seeds absorb enough water and speed up the germination speed.

The length of soaking time varies with seed maturity and water temperature. The more fully mature the seeds are, the longer the soaking time is, and the longer the water temperature is lower.

How Long Does It Take for an Apple Seed to Germinate and Grow Into a Tree?

Apple planting and breeding requires a process. First of all, the seeds you choose should be scorpion seeds. After collecting the seeds in winter. They are treated and sown in early spring.

Such direct seedlings should bear fruit in 3-4 years. But they are still small wild fruits.

Generally, budding is carried out before sowing in early spring and before the beginning of autumn or grafting into improved seedlings before budding in the next spring.

Which takes 4-6 years to bear fruit. But if you want to grow into a big tree, the age of the tree should reach about 13 years.

How to Make Apple Seeds Germinate?

Dig a hole one centimeter deep in the soil, choose a mature seed and bury it in it, cover with a layer of loose soil, water it with a little water, and you should be able to see it germinate in a week.


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