What Fruits Grow On Bushes?

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There are various fruits that grow wild on bushes rather than trees and most commonly include berries. Examples of fruit that grow on bushes include blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Berries are not only delicious but also excellent sources of nutrition and antioxidants. They can also take up significant space, which can be a problem for an urban gardener or someone with a smaller space.

Today, however, the newer cultivars have been developed into miniature fruit bushes. These mini fruit bushes are perfect for container gardening, yet the fruit they produce is full-sized.

What Fruits Grow On Bushes?
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About Small Fruit Shrubs

The new miniature fruit bushes are available not only as blueberries but, as a surprise, blackberries, and raspberries as well.

Another great thing about mini fruiting blackberry or raspberry bushes is that they have a real bush habit that is thornless! No more scratched arms and hands.

And because they have a mounding habit, these mini fruit bushes are perfect for backyards or other small spaces grown as potted plants.

Many blueberries get quite large and often need a pollinator companion. The semi-dwarf blueberries available today only reach about 4 feet (1 m.) In height and are self-pollinating.

Care of Dwarf Fruit Bushes

All blueberries love acidic soil with a pH between 4-5.5. They require some moist, soil(well Drained) and a sunny location.

When first-year flowers appear, pinch them to allow the plant to establish itself. Remove the flowers for the first two years and then let the plant bloom and produce. Fertilize one month after sowing.

Small raspberries and blackberries should be grown in full sun in well-draining soil. Fertilize in early spring and then again in midsummer with a water-soluble food like an 18-18-18 fertilizer.

Let the berries lie dormant in winter and colder climates (zone 5 and below), store them in a sheltered area like a shed or garage after they have lost their leaves. When temperatures have warmed in spring, bring the berries back outside.

In spring, new green shoots will begin to sprout from the soil and old canes. Those from the ground will bear fruit next year while the old canes with new growth this year will be the fruiting branches.

Leave them both alone, but cut off the old dead sticks without new growth at ground level.

What Fruits Grow On Bushes?

Blueberry, One of the Fruit Bushes to Plant in Pairs

Due to its many properties, growing blueberries in the garden has gained weight over the years. But, before going into details about his care, we cannot lose sight of something. We are talking about one of the most demanding fruit bushes to plant in March.

Close-Up Photography of Blueberries
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What’s more: if we are impatient, we won’t have to wait for the cold to disappear. The blueberry prefers to be transplanted with degrees of less than with degrees of more.

It is not your only need. It also demands acid soil and intense sun exposure, both in summer and winter. And it is not suitable for those forgetful about irrigation. To be able to bear fruit in abundance, it demands an almost constantly moist substrate.

To contemplate another of his peculiarities, he does not like loneliness. And it is that, for them to bear fruit correctly when planting these fruit bushes we will have to do it in pairs. Peculiarities of nature!

Raspberry, the Natural Treat of Summer

It is, perhaps, one of the most demanded fruit bushes to plant. And it is not for less as soon as something more is known about their care.

We are not only talking about an extremely rustic plant, capable of adapting to almost any setting and withstanding severe frosts.

In Addition, it is extremely generous in its fruits. A fact that makes it irresistible for those who are lost for its red and sweet berries!

In order to savor them, we will have to be careful in a couple of aspects. On the one hand, in its location. In order to ripen properly, raspberries need a lot of sunlight. But it is not the only requirement. They also demand moist soil that is watered regularly but never waterlogged.

Strawberry, One of the Fruit Bushes That Is Also Ornamental

A wonderful addition to any garden! Despite its Mediterranean origin, the strawberry tree is one of those fruit bushes capable of adapting to almost any climate.

And not only that: if we find the right place for its plantation, it will reach a significant size. And, what is better: it will give us its unique fruits, adding color and flavor to winter.

Selective Focus Photography of Strawberry Fruit
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When we say that the strawberry tree is not demanding, we are not exaggerating anything. And we are dealing with one of those versatile fruit bushes with an incredible ability to grow in almost any circumstance.

We can grow it in full sun but also in semi-shade. We can plant it in acidic soil but, also, in a limestone one.

The only thing we do have to be demanding about is the type of floor. It doesn’t just have to be rich in nutrients.

It also demands good drainage and some ability to retain moisture. And one last piece of advice: put it undercover, especially in the initial stage, from cold or dry winds.

Blackberry, Another of the Delights of the Sunny Months

Another delightful bush to have in the garden. Like raspberries, blackberries thrive in the height of summer. Of course: if we plant it now, we may not be able to harvest our first harvest this year.

These fruit bushes need six to eight months from transplant to start bearing fruit. Await that becomes sweet once the blackberries bloom on the plant.

Since it is also a wild shrub, its care is more than simple. It demands soil with a pinch of clay to maintain moisture.

But yes: it is essential to provide our plant with good drainage since it is not a friend of waterlogging. It is also essential that we plant it in a place where it receives a lot of suns. This aspect is essential so that its fruits can ripen.

Finally, a piece of advice. If we decide to advance the planting of these fruit bushes, it is important that we create a mulch in the soil. In order to root properly, the blackberry plant needs warm soil.

Currant, Another of the Fruit Bushes That Is Ornamental

With or without fruit, the currant bush is one of those fruit-bearing bushes that decorate with their mere presence.

An attraction that lies in its leaves and in the shape of the bush, which can even be used as a separation hedge.

It is also a perfect plant for inaccessible or sloping garden areas. If this space is not available, it can be grown in large containers.

In order to enjoy the flavors of these fruit bushes, we won’t have to put a lot of work into it. Beyond maintaining a certain degree of humidity in the substrate, there are two more moments to be compromised when it comes to irrigation.

One is when we plant it, a stage in which we will have to water regularly. The other is from flowering to fruition. Ideally, you should install a drip irrigation system to ensure that you always have the moisture you need at your disposal.

Unlike the fruit bushes that we have just seen, we will not have to wait for the cold to leave to plant it. The current needs low temperatures to be able to settle.

It is also important that, if we live in a climate with very hot summers, we find a location where it only receives the early morning sun.

Popular Varieties of Mini Fruit Bushes

BrazelBerries ‘Raspberry Shortcake grows to just 2-3 feet (less than a meter) tall with a mounding habit. The plant does not need trellis or staking and again … it is thornless!

Small blueberries are available as dwarf or semi-dwarf and tall northern bushes and tall seeds. Semi-dwarfs reach a height of around 4 feet (1 m.) While dwarf cultivars grow to around 18-24 inches (46-61 cm.) Tall.


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