How to Grow Bougainvillea From Seeds?

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Bougainvillea is a tree that produces a large number of impressive flowers of different colors.

Cultivation of bougainvillea is not very complicated, as it is a low-maintenance plant and does not require constant and persistent attention. Bougainvillea is one of the fastest-growing plants that add color to lawns and hanging pots and makes balconies more attractive.

So in this article, you’ll discover how to grow bougainvillea from seeds. Let’s start.

Choosing the best location to grow bougainvillea

Choose the best location for planting bougainvillea. It can be planted in a hanging basket in the garden, in a pot on the patio, or in the ground in the garden.

Remember to choose a location with all-day sunlight, as bougainvillea prefers sunlight and blooms best in warm weather. Remember to choose a location with all-day sunlight, as the bougainvillea prefers sunlight and blooms best in warm weather. This will ensure that they produce beautiful, colorful flowers.

How to grow bougainvillea from seeds

This method is simple but more time-consuming than growing from cuttings.

Collecting seeds

First of all, you need to collect seeds of excellent quality. If you buy from the market, always choose a well-known seed company. Good brands will provide you with healthy seeds.

However, if you want to collect seeds from already cultivated bougainvillea plants, you need to wait until autumn. At this time of year, bougainvillea flowers from seed pods are in the center. They can be collected, exposed to sunlight, and dried.

Seed germination

Begin germination in seed trays. Fill the trays with nutrient-rich soil and make a hole in the center of each box. Place two or three seeds in each hole. Cover the plants with more soil and moisten them with water. Place the tray in a sunny spot and wait.

If you notice that the top layer of soil is drying out, remember to water the tray. Bougainvillea seeds take time to germinate, but once germination is complete, the plant will reproduce.

Germination can take a month or more. I waited 40 days after planting the seeds for germination. But when I got the results, I knew it was worth the wait. During this time, make sure the germination tray is exposed to sunlight and well-watered.


When you notice germination, let it grow straight up to 5-6 inches. When you have made sure that the bougainvillea is doing well, choose a suitable place to grow it, such as a hanging pot or a lawn, and plant all the small seedlings there.

Grow bougainvillea from cuttings

This is the best way to grow this perennial flowering plant in the garden. Bougainvillea can be planted all year round except in cold climates, so it is not necessary to choose the right season.

How to choose the mother plant

When taking cuttings, select the healthiest parents to ensure a healthy genetic structure. This will result in healthy offspring. Of the mother plants from which cuttings are taken, conifers should be selected.

Conifers are trees that have no new or old wood; take cuttings 5 to 7 inches long. Check each cutting for nodes and make sure there are at least five or six nodes.

Plant cuttings

Finally, you need to take cuttings. Remove all leaves from where the cuttings were taken. If the rooting hormone is available, soak the ends of the cuttings for a while.

Make a soil mixture by mixing peat, an acidic medium, and perlite for moisture retention in a 1:1 ratio. Add the soil mixture to the pot or soil in which you plan to plant the bougainvillea.

Poke holes in the pots and place one cutting per pot for small pots. For larger pots, take three or four cuttings per pot. Continue placing all the cuttings this way until you reach the end.

Make sure the cuttings are 2-3 inches deep in the soil. The pot should be in a warm place or in direct sunlight. Water the plant sufficiently and wait for the development of roots and shoots.

Prerequisites for good growth of bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is not very sensitive to environmental conditions. It grows all year round and occasionally blooms in warmer climates. It is drought tolerant and needs a very warm climate and sunlight to grow well.

Avoid overwatering. Keep the soil warm and make sure the soil is well aerated. It is also important to provide good drainage so that water does not accumulate in the roots of the plant. Therefore, the roots can rot.

Do bougainvilleas need a lot of suns?

Yes, the bougainvillea needs plenty of sunlight per day to thrive. It can be grown in partial shade, but will only form leaves and not flowers. To bloom, the bougainvillea must be exposed to direct sunlight for at least eight hours a day.

Can cuttings be taken directly into the soil?

Yes, cuttings can be taken. However, this requires a good soil composition. The soil must have an adequate drainage system. If these conditions can be maintained at home, it is necessary to provide adequate ventilation so that the air can flow through. The cuttings can be put directly into the ground.

How much water does the bougainvillea need to grow?

Water is always necessary for the growth of any plant. However, the bougainvillea is considered a drought-tolerant plant and can go a long time without water. In summer and spring, it should be watered every two to three days. In winter, however, once a week is sufficient.

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How long does it take for the bougainvillea to take root?

Too much water will cause the cuttings to rot. Bougainvillea cuttings take 7 to 10 weeks to root. Depending on the temperature, the shoots will sprout in 7-10 weeks.

How long does it take for bougainvillea seeds to germinate?

Germination is expected to take 2-3 weeks, but don’t give up before the fifth week, as bougainvillea seeds germinate irregularly. Once germinated, remove them from the pot or bag and place them in a warm, bright location.

Can you grow bougainvillea in pots?

Bougainvillea grows well in relatively small pots where the roots are somewhat restricted. Use regular soil without peat moss. Too much peat moss can cause waterlogging and root rot. Vessels in which bougainvillea is planted should have at least one drainage hole.

Can bougainvillea be grown by cuttings in water?

No. However, the plant should always be sprayed with a rooting medium and lightly covered.


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