How Long Does Super Soil Last?

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The hottest product on the planet today is Super Soil. It is a magical chemical that can be mixed with water to create an earth-like substance that allows you to grow plants, flowers, trees, and anything else you want.

It does not need to be overstocked and can be stored forever as long as it is not kept in a bucket without oxygen. 50% composted organic material.

So in this article, you’ll discover how long does super soil last. Let’s start.

What is Super Soil?

Super Soil is a term coined by the renowned grower and seed manufacturer Subcool to describe a soil recipe that simplifies the process of achieving the ideal crop, regardless of the level of growing experience.

It is a highly improved growing medium that does not require liquid nutrients. Subcool, the operator of TGA Genetics, writes for several magazines. He is an award-winning and successful author and has over 30 years of experience as a grower.

Super easy, low-maintenance organic growing?

The theory behind super soil is that it creates a balanced, nutrient-rich environment that eliminates the need for pH adjustment and nutrient imbalance.

All you need is water. SuperSoil creates a very “hot,” or nutrient-rich, soil, so care must be taken when using it. Super Soil is a concentrated soil used to supplement regular potting soil. Below are recipes and instructions for making and using Super Soil.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Super Soil. So here are some things to consider if you want to use a highly amended soil recipe before you actually use it.


  • Ecological cultivation methods
  • Saves on fertilizer costs
  • Saves time and effort in pH adjustment.
  • Nutritional value ensures strong plants
  • Mimics natural outdoor growing conditions
  • Does not require the use of ground-level accessories


  • Long and inconvenient cooking times
  • Can burn plants if used improperly.
  • Not as easy to handle as liquid fertilizers.
  • Yields may be lower than synthetic nutrients.
  • Growth cycles may be slightly longer than liquid fertilizers.

How often should Super Soil be watered?

Add 500 ml of water per liter of soil to each pot. The frequency of watering depends on temperature, humidity, and plant size. Indoors, fabric pots should be watered an average of 2 to 3 days. Outdoors, can be watered every 2-3 days or even once a week.

How do I water the living soil?

Therefore, when transplanting, you should always water first. Then dig a hole in the soil and fill it with a cup of water. This will give the roots the impression that there is water underneath.

How often should the plants be fertilized?

Container plants should be fertilized twice a week at first. Fertilize ornamental plants once a week. Garden plants should be fertilized every 2-3 weeks. Fertilize garden plants once a month.

How should organic soil be used?

Add 15 cm of organic material to the soil surface. Then each year add at least 2.5 cm more. If possible, add more organic material in the fall. Use permanently raised beds to provide better drainage and keep the growing area out of human reach.

What is the best soil for growing plants indoors?

Peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite are commonly used in indoor potting mixes. These soilless mixes are excellent for absorbing rainwater and preventing compaction, but they dry out quickly. They also contain no nutrients and require regular fertilization.

How does azomite work in the soil?

Azomite is designed to restore minerals and micronutrients to depleted soils. It can also be used to supplement soils that are deficient in certain important minerals. Azomite is a naturally occurring trace element found in animals and soil.

How long does super soil last?

It can be stored indefinitely as long as it is not stored in an anaerobic bath. Organic composting rate of 50%.

How to water living soil?

Therefore, you should always water the plants before transplanting them. Make a hole in the ground and fill it with a cup of water. In this way, the roots will notice that the water is down there. Then sprinkle the mycorrhizal fungi on the already watered plant and plant it in the hole.

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How do the microorganisms get into the soil?

Microorganisms eat and digest organic matter. Keep adding compost, manure, plant cuttings, mulch made from wood chips, etc. to the soil. Simply growing plants in the soil can also provide organic matter that microorganisms feed on. Avoid disturbing the soil as much as possible.

How often should Super Soil be watered?

Water each pot with about 500 ml of water per gallon of soil. The frequency of watering depends on the temperature, humidity, and size of the plant. Generally, plants in a fabric pot indoors should be watered every two to three days. Outdoor watering varies from once every 2-3 days or once a week.

How to grow in super soil?

Using the Super Soil Never plant seeds or seedlings directly into the super soil. Fill the super soil up to 1/3-1/2 of the growing container. Fill the rest of the container with high-quality organic growing soil as used in the mix. Plant the seeds and seedlings in the soil.


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